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Full Colour Printed Towels

Full Colour Printed Towels


Our full colour printed towels offer full colour spectrum 300 DPI print with a minimum order quantity of just 100. Our cutting edge towel making technology ensures the sharpest images, finest print details and brightest colours – towels perfect for a range of promotional purposes. No colour limits mean that our digitally printed towels are perfectly suited for complicated designs or logos. A great way to let people take your brand home with them.
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Quantity discounts
1-99 100-499 500-999 1000-100000 100001+
£15.37 £15.37 £14.47 £13.85 £15.37
Quantity discounts
1-99 100-499 500-999 1000-100000 100001+
£11.44 £11.44 £10.54 £9.92 £11.44
Quantity discounts
1-99 100-499 500-999 1000-100000 100001+
£8.64 £8.64 £7.74 £7.12 £8.64

Additional information

Min. Order Quantity:


Lead Time:

Up to 4 weeks

Towel Sizes Available:

70cm x 140cm, 80cm x 160cm, 100cm x 180cm

Towel Weights Available:


Colour Options:

High Quality Full Colour Printing

Towel Material:

100% Cotton

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What is a digitally printed towel?

This towel type can be branded with any image, logo or design on the front face, while the rear side of the towel remains white. The process we use allows us to print your images to a brilliant 300DPI photo quality. The printed side of the towel is velour surface, whilst the reverse has a terry finish.

This product is tailor made for promotional purposes as logos or designs never need to be compromised by colour restrictions. The only restriction is your imagination.

FAQ’s: Full Colour Printed Towels

How are digitally printed towels made?

The main difference is that these towels are produced by printing directly onto a pre-made white stock towel rather than weaving a new towel from start. This means that the normal colour restrictions on jacquard towels do not apply. The only restriction is that the back side of the towel remains white. Another advantage is that it is an environmentally friendly option as it uses less energy and chemicals than other towel making processes.

What are the finishes, sizes and weights that are available?

Printed towels are offered in three sizes: 70cm x 140cm, 80cm x 160cm, 100cm x 180cm and one weight: 400gsm. They have a terry finish on the rear and a velour finish on the front/image side.

What's the smallest order quantity & how quickly can they be delivered?

The minimum that you can order is 100 units at the prices listed here. Sometimes it is possible for us to do smaller quantities, even from as low as 50. Let us know your needs and we can get back to you with some ideas.

Why are printed towels only available in 400gsm? What is GSM?

Gsm is the ‘grams per square inch’ and gives you the towel weight. Its an easy way to describe the towel thickness and durability. Having a lighter option is sometimes preferable as it less bulky. Printed towels use existing prefabricated towels as the base that designs are then printed onto. These are normally our 400gsm product. It is possible for us to offer a higher gsm but that will have an effect on the final price, please contact us for more details.

Light Weight / Thin / Less Absorption 400 GSM
Medium Weight / Medium Thickness / Good Absorption 600 GSM
Heavy Weight / Thick / Superior Absorption 900 GSM

What type of environment would this towel be used in?

This is a great towel to use for promotional purposes as you have a combination of no colour limit and you can order from just 100 pieces! The final product will be very portable at 400gsm so would work great on a beach, vacation or for any other activity.

Can you help with the design?

Yes of course, just send us your ideas with any images and text that you think will help us get as close as possible to the design you are looking for. We will then amend these for the specific formats of a digitally printed towel.

Are these available in a velour and terry finish? What are velour and terry finishes?

This refers to the final finish of the face of the towel, or the side with the printed design on. A terry finish has the loops that are characteristic of towels on both sides. This is great for absorbency but not quite as fine a surface to print on so the image quality is not as sharp. Velour finish has the towel loops shaved off on the face side of the towel giving it a silky smooth finish and the best possible canvass to give it the sharpest image possible. Because of the printing process these towels are only available in a velour finish.