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Golf Towels

Golf Towels


What better way is there to put your brand or product in front of high value individuals than doing a promotional golf product. It is a gift with a real practical application that is appreciated by anyone who plays the game.

Our digitally printed Golf Towels can use any image with unlimited colours printed in photo realistic 300DPI. A perfect way to promote your brand.


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Towel Sizes

30cm x 50cm

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Up to 6 weeks

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What is a Golf Towel?

This is a 30 x 50cm digitally printed towel that can have any design you choose with no limits on colours or designs. Durable and hard wearing it is a genuinely useful gift or promotion that anyone will appreciate.


FAQ’s: Golf Towels

How are your Golf towels made?

We carry the blank white 30 x 50 base towels in stock and then print your design onto them. This process uses less energy and chemicals than other towel fabrication methods so is an environmentally friendly option as well.

What are the finishes, sizes and weights that are available?

This is offered in the standard size for Golf Towels, 30 x 50, and made using a digital printing process to give photo realistic 300DPI images.

How long does it take to get them and how many do I have to order?

Normally we can get them at your door three to four weeks after design approval. For the low prices listed we start at a minimum of 100 units but we can certainly help you with smaller orders. Drop us a line and we will let you know your options.

I have never heard of a Golf Towel, where exactly would I use it?

This is not as silly question as it seems! Non golfers have never heard of them so we just want to clarify that these are for use on the golf course during an actual game!

I am not sure what to put on the towel can you help?

Absolutely no problem, send us your ideas and thoughts. You can even just give us a description of what you think would work and we will get our designers to get something right back to you.

Why are Golf towels only available in one size and 400gsm? What is gsm?

The size that we use is the standard size for a golf towel, big enough to be effective but small enough not to get in the way. The towel thickness is the standard preferred size and is the best compromise between effective use and being easy to store.

Light Weight / Thin / Less Absorption 400 GSM
Medium Weight / Medium Thickness / Good Absorption 600 GSM
Heavy Weight / Thick / Superior Absorption 900 GSM