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A Quick Guide To Custom Towel Manufacturing

..a run through of how towels are made, the options available and where they'll be used.

1. How Is A Custom Towel Created?

To create the perfect bespoke towel we use a cutting edge fabric weaving machine called a ‘Loom’. Your chosen yarn thickness is held under tension in the loom enabling computerised interweaving to brand long-lasting, quality logos or patterns into your towel.

We can finish your towels with print or embroidery using our precision branding machinery. Hey presto – a bespoke towel is born!

Light Weight / Thin / Poor Absorption 400 GSM
Medium Weight / Medium Thickness / Good Absorption 600 GSM
Heavy Weight / Thick / Superior Absorption 900 GSM

2. What is GSM or G/M2?

This describes the weight (grams) per square meter of the towel and is used as the easiest way to tell the quality and durability of the product. The higher the GSM the longer it is likely to last and the more effective it will be at absorbing water.

Every towel is designed for the specific job in mind and promotional towels for an event might deliberately be chosen to be less bulky than you might choose for your home. Most of our towels are available in multiple weights to help you choose.

3. VELOUR or TERRY Finish – What’s The Difference?

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This is your standard towel finish that you have probably used most of your life. This is the most hard wearing and offers the most durability. Its a great type of towel to take to the beach of the gym.

Terry towels are ‘unsheared’ and feature loops on both sides of the towel.

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Velour towels have one side that feels velvety soft to the touch and offers sharper image clarity on digital prints.

This is done be shearing the loops of the ends of the towel weave on one side. This process gives this front side of the towel a totally different look and feel. The other side of the towel is always left unsheared to ensure the towel still functions as good as it looks.

4. What is Jacquard Weaving?

Jacquard is a category of fabric that is defined by the process of weaving that creates it. The style of weaving, called Jacquard weaving, allows virtually any loom to create a textured pattern.

For towels this allows us to create designs in virtually any style and colour with different levels of thickness and absorbency. The loops on the surface of the towel that this process creates also give us the opportunity to change the finish and feel of the towel by shearing one side to make it velvety smooth.

At we can also do single or dual colour towels from 330 to 600 GSM with anything from a border to relief/embossed pattern. Your exact prefered yarn colours are developed using special software to guarantee the final results.


5. What Are Full Colour Digitally Printed Towels?

Digitally printed towels have the full colour spectrum available with no limits to the final design. This is also offered with a minimum order quantity of just 100. This towel can have sharp images using bright strong colours, perfect for promotional purposes.

They are printed using a 300dpi photo realistic method that makes the image and colours stay vivid even after multiple uses and washes. The production process uses less energy and chemicals than the traditional towel making process, making them an environmentally friendly option.

The finished towel has a soft feel on the image side and a traditional terry towel feel on the reverse, offering a winning combination of comfort and function.

Sizes Available: 70×140 cm, 80×160 cm, 100×180 cm

Colour: Full Colour 300dpi

Quality: 100% Cotton, 400 g/m2


6. What Are Printed Border Towels?

Printed border towels use existing terry towels to provide a fast, cost effective promotional towel using our 300dpi digital printing technology. The end result is a durable, absorbent main terry body with a full colour 10cm printed border.

The production process uses less energy and chemicals than the traditional towel making process making them an environmentally friendly option.

Sizes Available: 70×140 cm

Colour: Full Colour 300dpi

Quality: 100% Cotton, 450 g/m2

7. What are Promotional / Event Towels?

Branded towels give businesses and events an unbeatable way to create a long lasting memento for their chosen audience. Our full colour digitally printed towels are a gift that is truly always appreciated.

These towels have photo realistic 300dpi images on the front side with bright, vivid colours that remain strong even after multiple uses and washes.

They are even produced using less chemicals and energy than normal towels, very important in today’s eco-conscious society. Available from just 100 pieces.

Sizes Available: 70×140 cm, 80×160 cm, 100×180 cm

Colour: Full Colour 300dpi

Quality: 100% Cotton, 400 g/m2

8. How Are Beach Towels Customised?

This is one of the most popular towels we offer and is always a favourite with anyone trying to promote a brand or an event. For this we recommend any of our jacquard woven towels as they offer the highest possible level of durability and water absorbency, both a must for the beach.

The three types we offer two colour, relief/embossed and bordered give a great space for any brand to get their message out.

Sizes Available: 70×140 cm, 80×160 cm, 100×160 cm, 100×180 cm

Quality: 100% Cotton, 400 g/m2, 450 g/m2, 500 g/m2, 600 g/m2

How To Customise Golf Towels?

So much business is said to be completed on the golf course. Our digitally printed golf towels let your brand be visible even when your not on the fairways yourself. Why not treat your clients to a branded towel that will help them keep their equipment in the best possible shape to play at their best.

Offered with out full colour digital printing technology at a photo realistic 300dpi.

Sizes Available: 30×50 cm, 80×160 cm, 100×180 cm

Colour: Full Colour 300dpi

Quality: 100% Cotton, 400 g/m2

How To Order Bespoke Bar Towels?

Our 30×50 full colour bar towels have a terry finish for maximum absorbency and can have any digital colour image on them. These are highly cost effective and can either make a bar or restaurant looks highly professional or open up an opportunity for another space to promote any product.

Sizes Available: 30×50 cm, 80×160 cm, 100×180 cm

Colour: Full Colour 300dpi

Quality: 100% Cotton, 400 g/m2